Monday, January 2, 2012

Buy American???

Ever wonder why we buy so much from overseas? Well, I think I have stumbled across a few clues...were so god damn lazy here! I'm trying to run a business, and need parts from my supplier, whom has been closed since Xmas. I assumed they would be back open today, the day after new years however I was soo completely wrong. Maybe I should just buy the parts I need out of Hong Kong, since if I had ordered them before I would have the parts I needed to keep manufacturing the products, for which I have orders. I mean how many days do you need off? I understand everybody needs a vacation or days off, but do we have to completely shut down the whole business? Couldn't you have at least changed the answering machine to say you would be closed until whatever date you were gonna get off your ass and open your business back up.
Went to the post office today to ship some orders, and wouldn't you know it, they are closed too! Just because a holiday falls on someones day off, they have to close an additional day, just to give them a paid holiday off???? Fine pay them for the holiday, but get back to work! You cant complain about a our country, when its our own fault.

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