Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Today I was thinking…imagine that, anyway I went into deep thought about truly living. We all assume that we are trying to live life to the fullest, but where do these aspirations truly come from? Do they truly come from within? For 99.99% of us I think not. Sorry but were all just a bunch of aimless fools that ride on the coat tails of what others have done before us. Don’t get me wrong this can still be a fun way to travel through life…after all I have done the same on many occasions. For example when I was in middle school, I though David Copperfield was one kool kat! I mean shit he had all those hot women around him, he had this mystery surrounding him, soo I decided I was going to be just like him. So, I went to the local magic shop over on Gratiot Ave. and I started my collection of magic tricks, and I’ve got to admit it was pretty cool. I found it quite fun screwing with other peoples head and the funny thing was..it was the smartest people that were the easiest to fool, not to mention I think I was pretty damn good at it. But anyway the point is, I was not doing something truly original, I was merely coping what someone had done before me, much like Blackstone had done before Copperfield. It is hard to be truly original these days.
I have also made music a big part of my daily life, granted I’ll never be some rock star, but I truly enjoy listening to the words spoken to really try and visualize and on occasion truly try and experience what the artist was trying to convey. For example “roll in Lake St Clair in my 40’ Donzi” (Kid Rock), well I don’t have a 40’ Donzi, but I do have a 24’ Searay and I have tell you, it’s a blast. Music is truly a great medium, its like a short story that you can involve yourself in for just a moment or longer if properly self medicated. If you do not find yourself in their shoes for even a moment your not listening well enough. Music to me is the ultimate short story and I have written quite a few short stories, some about me and my desires and others about people that have touched my life in some way.
I have decided to graduate from these short stories and write a book. I am still unsure of the subject matter that I will write about as I have quite a warped mind, but I have found the best way to get started is just start writing, much like I have been doing and recently told a few close friends recently to do as well. This is not to say that I will quit writing songs, but I want to do something new and exciting as I do get bored very easily. I hope that whatever I write, I will be able to suck people in to the story so that they can experience exactly what I am experiencing. Hopefully when I am done, you can find yourself cruising the lake in a speedboat, or flying in some jet a mack1 (another one on my to-do-list), so to speak. Either way when you read, listen, or watch something that inspires you, don’t just visualize or dream of yourself doing it, actually do it. Sure we may be coping what others have done before, but maybe that day will come where you have done something no one has done before and it will be someone else that can fly on your coat tails as they dream.

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