Monday, November 28, 2011

The perfect woman...FOUND!

Call me old fashioned, but there are certain things I really love and appreciate. I love waking every morning and smelling that fresh pot of coffee brewing, sure I could brew my own pot; but you my love, make it sooo good. Sometimes you'll even have a breakfast sandwich hot out of the oven or maybe its just microwaved, but still...its the thought that you know I'm hungry in the morning and you took some extra time to make sure I started the day off right with a little food in my stomach. You always say good morning and have a great day and it just makes me fell good. Now..not to take away from all the special things you do for me because I really do appreciate it, if you could just every so slightly change for me. I hate to pick at the little things, but if you could grow some tits, lose the sack and have a vagina that would be just great. Don't get me wrong guy behind the counter at Speedway, I really love the coffee, but if you could just make a few more minor changes, you would be the perfect woman.

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