Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Dude Lay off the Brew!

Recently I was told “Dude, lay off the brew!” and it triggered one of my writing sprees again. First let me say that I was not offended by this in any way, it was someone merely expressing their thoughts to me, as we all should do with each other as human beings. I find this a great gift we have, that very few actually take advantage of, for fear of tainting their acceptance. I enjoy writing often, no matter the subject, including “screwing a mermaid” which by the way did not actually happen, however, if the opportunity did arise I certainly would, I mean come on; what are the chances of that happening again?
I can certainly see how it appears that I am drunk all the time, but this is far from the truth…after all I am a story teller, whether it be in a song, writings, book or whatever. There are times when I do over-indulge; much like the woman that has two pieces of cake instead of just one. I will admit that I do drink everyday which results in numerous benefits. In fact, beer provides the same health benefits as wine, such as reduced risk of stroke, heart and vascular disease in moderation of course. Another important fact that I recently read was that men who drink, on average have a 7% higher salary for the same job, than men who do not drink. Sometimes I will have a few extra so I can maybe bump that number a few more points. Generally I will have 2 beers everyday, which helps to slow my mind just enough, so that my hands may keep up with my thoughts while writing. I am certainly not ashamed that I drink and fid that benefits far out-weights the risks in my case. When I work, I work hard; when I play…I go even harder! I rarely watch television, because most of it’s a complete joke and has no benefits to really experiencing life. I am a doer! I fish or go boating a minimum of 3 times a week, I write no less than a thousand words every week, I listen to a minimum of 20 songs every week and by listen, I really mean pay attention to what they were trying to say. I play my guitar at least 4 times a week and always record at least one thing. I have went diving in Grand Cayman, drove a racecar around Daytona, fished in the Bahamas, went to dinner with Kid Rock, as well as, numerous other adventures that I will cherish forever. I thrive to experience life and am thankful for those that I can experience these joys with.
In short, I always appreciate comments that people may have and am happy with the opportunity to be able to interact with others. I try to have as much fun in my life as possible and I enjoy doing it with a beer in hand…so “lay off the brew”, absolutely not! Cheers.

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